Sneek Peek Excerpt – The Charmed Fates

Cover - The Charmed Fates

To celebrate the upcoming release of the final book in The Charmed Trilogy, The Charmed Fates, I thought I would give you the fans of the series a teaser into the book with one of my absolute favorite secondary characters to write, shape-shifter Kane. See what this fun-loving, supernatural troublemaker is up to now!

Christine Wenrick

“Easy darlin’,” Kane drawled as I continued to pull him out of the dining hall, Lucas following right behind and laughing under his breath. “If you needed me that badly, all you had to do was ask.”

Swinging him around to a stop, I could only imagine the incredulous expression on my face. “Are you for real? I’m mated, Kane!”

His eyes scanned the space around him as if he hoped to discover something vitally important. “What? Did you bring the vamp with you?”

“No, I didn’t bring him with me,” I replied with exasperation, slapping his upper arm hard enough so that it should hurt him, should being the operative word.

But instead he shrugged his shoulders with ease as his hands reached for each side of my hip. “Then we’ve got no problem here.”

As my mouth fell open, Lucas sighed and stepped between us. “Give it a rest, Casanova. Olivia’s trying to save the virtue of the woman you were just busting-a-move on thirty seconds ago . . . you know, the strawberry-blond.”

A wide, predatory grin, that so resembled the nature of his jaguar half, crept over Kane’s lips. “She is a beauty, isn’t she? Lord, I may need saving by the time I’m done nibbling on that lovely creature.”

“Unbelievable,” I blinked back at him. “I didn’t think men like you really existed.”

Kane splayed his arms out from his sides with an easy smile. “In the flesh, darlin’ . . . in the flesh.”

The Charmed Fates, Available at Amazon and Smashwords, March 1st 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so excited for 2013 . . . although I feel it’s my duty to inform you that the Space Needle blew up last night!

But before we start looking ahead, I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am for you the fans! 2012 will always be one of my favorite years because it was the year I got to see my dream come true in publishing The Charmed & The Charmed Souls. And without you the fans, the continuation of the stories would not be possible. Your kind words and enthusiasm for what’s to come are truly a blessing!

So what exactly is to come, you ask?  A lot!

March 1st will be the release for The Charmed Fates, the final installment in The Charmed Trilogy. I can’t give too much away, but I will say if you liked the action sequences of the first two novels, then you’re going to love how things go out with a bang in this final chapter to Olivia and Caleb’s story. You will also get a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Also coming shortly, you fans will get a special treat to celebrate the release of The Charmed Fates! You’re going to get to see the design of Caleb’s tree house. Then you can tell me . . . Was it what you envisioned?

Early Fall 2013 will be the release of the first novel in my next five book series The Men of Brahm Hill. What is Brahm Hill you ask? Well you’re about to find out, and I think you will be very excited for the individual stories of these five sexy men!

That’s all for now. Feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question . . . although I can’t guarantee I’ll answer if it involves a spoiler. Where’s the fun in that?

Happy Reading Everyone!

Christine Wenrick


The Charmed Souls is Coming!

Book two of my supernatural trilogy will be available Thanksgiving Day! Find out what happens when Olivia is forced to leave Caleb behind to train with her handsome human Guardian, Alec Lambert, inside the mysterious world of The Brethren.