Someone Else’s Skye

Someone Else's Skye

Someone Else’s Skye – Book one of The Men of Brahm Hill Series.

One night. . . One violent supernatural battle

And five stories of the men whose lives

will be changed by it.

Someone Else’s Skye – Kane, Brethren Guardian and one of the few Natural Shape-Shifters left in existence, survived the bloody battle of Brahm Hill but lost two of his closest friends. For all of his good-natured sarcasm and eye-popping good looks, Kane finds himself unable to completely forget about that night, so he seeks comfort in the one thing he is truly good at . . . sex!

This shape-shifting bad boy believes in having a good time—a very good time, usually involving some mingled heavy breathing with a sexy Dhampir in a tiny closet somewhere. But when he’s sent into the freezing tundra of the Northwest Territories to investigate a troublesome supernatural being on the loose, he ends up crossing paths with a woman who almost instantly drives him insane with want . . . because she doesn’t seem to be falling for the shifter’s charms.

It’s completely inexplicable.

Skye Matthews has a job to do, and she needs to be focused on that, not spending all her time rebuffing the advances of this way-too-cocky and handsome stranger. Yet, there is something irresistible about this self-involved playboy that Skye can’t seem to stay away from. And when the unidentified Kane is sent to investigate takes an unnatural interest in her, protecting her becomes the Guardian’s top priority.



“I’m in charge, darlin’,” Kane announced confidently, with an extra little twinkle to his eye thrown in there just to impress her.
The tiny blond then blew out a noisy breath that might possibly have been a snort. “Oh, I just bet you are,” she replied, clearly challenging his authority.
Kane couldn’t help the sudden lift of his brows. He was intrigued. This little snow angel was a spitfire. His smile only got wider as he took another step forward. “OK,” he started slowly, “what would you like to bet? I have a suggestion or two.”
“Did you really just say that?” she blinked back. “Surely that line doesn’t work for you.”
Kane just stared back at her as if he didn’t understand the language she just spoke.


Was this guy for real?! The instant Skye laid eyes on the dark-headed Romeo she could see he was gorgeous and obviously well aware of how to use that fact to his advantage. I mean, the man was wearing sweatpants . . . SWEATPANTS . . . and he was sexier than, well, everybody!
There was no mistaking that this man was all male. As in that delicious, stop traffic, testosterone-dripping—Hello!—deserves a loud whistle of appreciation kind of all male. But she certainly couldn’t let him know that, because he was also all ego. At least she told herself that because she really needed him to have a flaw.
“It’s not a line,” Kane defended. “I genuinely had a suggestion or two. And they were good ones, trust me. That is merely a statement of fact.”
Skye couldn’t imagine how blank her expression must have been to that response.
“So you’re in charge, but you would rather stand here and lay wagers with me than ask what I’m doing here?”
“Well, no, I need to do that too. But I’m a multi-tasker, so we’re good.”
He kept talking, but Skye didn’t hear a word. She was too dumbfounded. Then she found herself distracted by the very lips that were speaking to her. Wide and full, they were perfect for displaying that amused quirk he’d already displayed a couple times.
Everything about this man screamed ‘do-not-touch-unless-you-want-your-heart-crushed-like-a-grape!’ So what woman in her right mind would be silly enough to try her luck against such a blaring caution flag?
Not her.
“I said—is there a problem?” he apparently asked for the second time.
Yes, there was a problem! She was acting like an idiot!


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